Ferayth Arel

The most beautiful bard in NaƩya.


A, relatively young, half-elf, raised by his family in the subs of Waterdeep. His father, Zakk Goldenhawk, was a Guild Smith, and of human origins born in the city of Neverwinter. His mother, Faldayna Whisperwind, was born in the heart of High Forest.

He spent most of his early childhood and mid teens at his father’s workshop, learning the ways of the craft and earning some pocketmoney. At the age of 24 he was sent off to High Forest’s Foclucan College to study the Arts, Lore and combat to some extent. A year later his family dies. He decides to honor both of his parent and keeps the name Goldenhawk but translates it to Elven. Ferayth spents the rest of his family’s money to graduate 4 years later, at which point he becomes a traveler and the occasional on-commission smith. The only things that has from his beloved family, are his knowledge and a few aquintances in the Smith Guild. His dream now is to raise enough gold, to build the Guild in the New World, and own his own workshop.

Ferayth Arel

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