Titanblight: The Origin

To the Northwestern Forest!

Ferayth Arel has joined forces with Morning Wood, the warforged druid, Nathaniel, the elven monk, and Melissandra, the human mage, in order to travel to the northwestern forest and find a way to secure lumber supplies for Splitrock city.

They encountered a pack of ravenous giant hyenas, managing to exterminate the beasts.

They also passed by a beautiful rich flower field, populated by fist-sized bees.

On the sixth day of their travel, a huge earthquake occurred, followed only seconds later by the eruption of a volcano, far to the northern mountain range.

On the seventh day they arrived at the northwestern forest, and encountered a couple of miniature fey creatures, which protect their home, the lake by the forest.

After that, the adventurers entered the forest and met a cryptic eladrin wanderer, who warned them of what their actions might have as results. Not paying heed to his words, they went deeper into the forest, looking for old trees, who had offered much to the land and could be cut without guilt or fear, but they were ambushed by a group of giant spiders, which they, fortunately, exterminated.

A new source of iron!
A small adventuring party managed to secure a small iron mine, north east of Splitrock.

A small adventuring party, comprised of Olyx Mintarios, a mystical warrior, Khaylen Khaar, a seasoned fighter, Solomon, an elderly mage, Aella, a brash barbarian woman, and Ferayth, the most beautiful bard in NaƩya, undertook an official quest to locate and secure an iron vein, rumored to be located northeast of the city.

Fortunately, a few days later, they all returned alive and well, bearing the good word that the mine was there, indeed, and that it was now clear and available for mining.

Splitrock now has access to mineral iron, and operations have sped up!

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